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See Representative Example for a 3-month term. Representative Total Amount of Credit: £400. Duration of the Agreement: 90 days Total Amount Repayable: £561.92 to be repaid in 3 equal instalments of £187.31 on your next 3 payday. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate is 161.9% per year (variable). Representative APR 305.9%. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority. POUNDA IS A LICENSED CREDIT BROKER NOT A LENDER. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders

Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders could come in handy if you have a bad credit score and need money fast. You probably know by now that having a bad credit score greatly limits your ability to borrow money, regardless of how much you need it. There aren’t many options for you, and the banks won’t loan you money because of this score. You could have had a serious injury and couldn’t work anymore which resulted in you getting a bad score and the banks still won’t care. They only care about this number and refuse to do business with anyone who doesn’t meet a minimum requirement for this number, regardless of how much money they make and can afford to repay.

What Are Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders?

This is a type of bad credit loan which gets repaid in instalments. This means that you contribute a specific amount to a set repayment cycle until the loan is paid off. For example; a lender may agree to lend you one thousand pounds and you can pay it off in ten instalments of one hundred pounds paid monthly. The terms of your loan are set by your Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders but could be negotiated in some situations.

How Could This Loan Help Me?

If you need to pay bills and need them settled fast then this could be your best option. Expenses such as utility bills and emergency repairs can arise from nowhere and leave you completely blind-sided. And if your credit score isn’t in too good shape, where are you going to get the money if you don’t have it in savings?

This is where this type of loan could really help you, and you already know that the banks don’t want to know you. Applying for this loan is also very straightforward too and requires no technical knowledge. You just make your application and wait for your Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders to let you know if you have been approved. This also saves you a lot of time as well and there’s no chance that a bank would be willing to approve someone and let them have their money so fast either.

Should I Apply Now?

Let’s face it; you know your financial situation better than anyone. Assess your circumstances and decide if getting a loan is your best option. You already know what you can and can’t do, now you just need to do something about it. You are the only one who can fix your situation and your bills won’t take care of themselves. Bad Credit Instalment Loans Direct Lenders are more than willing to help you out and they understand that not everyone with a bad credit score is a risk to lend to. You can just make your application and even get your answer that same day without the stress and hassle of waiting around. So, do what you need to do and consider making an application today because the money could really help you out and enable you to get your life back on track.